A fantastic tool for SEO, Video Downloads, GeoLocation unblocking!

PersonaTool has many features to offer. Read more about: IPv6 testing, content marketing or browser automation by following the links. Here are some basic infos about the tool:

  • Residential IPs
    We offer you over 2,000 regional IPs in the US, Europe and Asia to surf to your favourite streaming services. No blocking of YouTube™, Netflix™ or Amazon Prime™ from these fine numbers! Be on the router of our partners with a simple click.
  • Automation with RobotJS
    Everything is Javascript with PersonaTool. Based on the latest nwjs.io release we ship the browser with RobotJS that you can direct on Mac and Windows (even on Linux with a bit of work) to surf and click the way you like.
  • Non-Residential Proxies: with the Top Cloud Providers Worldwide
    top cloud providers
  • A modern browser
    PersonaTool.com is based on NWJS.io - a tool to work with the Chromium browser and the power of NodeJS. We are releasing new versions with the latest releases of these tools so you stay up to date with browser technology!
  • Mixed cloud outlets
    In order to offer you a diverse reach into the net, we not only use 1 or 2 cloud providers, but also local heros to mix your IPs and outlets with local power. For example, PersonaTools in the US runs on Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, ATLANTIC.net and VULTR.com - just to name a few.
  • History and log
    For each persona, you can look into your own logs and clear all history, if needed. You have full control over the data you want to keep. If you run connections to https sites via our SOCKS5 outlets we will not even be possible to peak into your online life. That's how it should be...
  • Mac, Win and Linux
    The tool was written in NodeJS on NWJS.io. So we distribute it with the source code of the tool. That is your guarantee that it: (a) works everywhere and (b) does what we told you.

Take us for a test drive - for free!

Features of all versions

  • Profile editing
  • User Agent Switching
  • Browser language string
  • Persistent cookies per persona
  • Multiple personas at once
  • SOCKS5 non-transparent proxy
  • IPv6 capable