FAQ - Proxy: Questions and Answers

  • Q: How can I trust you? I know nothing about "PersonaTool"!
    A: "We" that is orga.zone AG in Germany and orga.zone, Inc. in Delaware, USA. Our founder and CEO Ralf Schwoebel is a well known Online Marketing Expert and also developed the backend of PersonaTool. You can always contact us and even him directly on LinkedIn: contact Ralf.
  • Q: What is a Persona?
    A Persona in the classical marketing language is a demographic related sorting mechanism. We use it in a similar way and offer you the possibility to create different Personas online. That only works, if an online "person" has a history. PersonaTool does exactly that: it allows you to keep a history of browsing and behaviour in separate browsers.
  • Q: Can I upgrade my account?
    A: Yes! If you need to run multiple Personas at once, we offer a business model with no limitations whatsoever...
  • Q: Why do I have to pay for this?
    A: This is advertising free and not based on your data. We do not look nor ask what you are doing with our tool as long as nobody complains. We offer a global network of outlets for your discretion. That is a solid investment that has to be paid monthly.


PersonaTool runs on a network of SOCKS5 Proxies - think of this as gateways into the public Internet that are directly connected to your computer. When you start a Persona with our tool, that instance keeps the outlet in mind and goes online only there. That is an easy and non-transparent way of having 10 browsers on 10 different IP numbers with 10 different sets of cookies and browsing history.


We are processing payment with the Stripe.com. A trusted, well know and secure payment provider.


Is my data 100% safe with you? Yes, we follow the data privacy rights of Germany. We do not send SPAM or give out your data.
We constantly improve our proxy network and the PersonaTool itself. Follow our CEO and head developer orgaralf on twitter to get into communication.

If you have purchased a version, you will get updates automatically!

Write us an eMail to info(at)personatool.com, if you need assistance!