Proxy Tool for Mac and Windows - and Smartphone Start

Be anywhere you want: only the tool goes proxy, your other traffic (mail, chat, etc.) stays untouched:

Verified and signed installer.

Windows 64bit
Win 8, 10 (70 MB)
Mac Download
OS X (71 MB)
and Tablets

If you only want our blazing fast proxy network with Chrome
we have an extension for you

Free 3 days trial version: Digitally signed and with Installer!
We also provide a Windows 32bit legacy version.

Installation on Windows

We offer an EXE file for installation on Windows. The setup program is signed with our code signing certificate from Certum for maximum trust and clean programs. We only support 64bit Windows!

Installation on OS X

We offer a DMG file, that you can start to drag and drop the App into your Applications folder. The application is signed via our Developer Certificate from the Apple App Store!

Linux Installation
PersonaTool runs on (formerly Node-Webkit) - currently tested with 0.19.2 -> You have to install that for your Linux flavour.

You may download our app.nw ZIP file and upack it in the nwjs directory or read for further instructions on GitHub.

Start the app by changing into the directory and starting nwjs like this: "nwjs .". Please note, that the node_modules directory has to be updated on Linux. You will find a script there!