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Record and playback your actions
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If you only want our blazing fast proxy network with Chrome:
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Comes with source code and a free trial to test our proxy network.

Features and Highlights

Anonymizer and Privacy Protection
Sandboxed Browser

Start a sandboxed profile that is kept separately from everything else, including its own tracking, cookies, etc.

Build a history
Real Residential IP

Surf from the home of our partners around the world. This puts you on a real IP of a real person somewhere in a country of your choice. (Google is filtered out, though)!

Free source code included
With Browser Automation

Automate boring tasks, move the mouse, type in data for testing forms and watch the automated playbook with clicks, browsing, data dumps, etc.

very affordable
All under $10

For less than $10 per month you get a fully scaled proxy network with a powerful SEO, SEM and Privacy Tool!


Andreas Kraus of sunlab
Andreas Kraus

PersonaTool is a big help for our international SEA and SEO team. Very fast setup and easy to use - this became quickly our number #1 ProxyTool!

Features you will enjoy

  • Proxy selection
    Proxy Selection

    Create profiles with specific proxies

  • User Agent Definition
    Set User Agent

    Define your user agent string

  • Browser Automation
    Browser Automation

    Record your clicks and movements

  • Social Sharing
    Social Sharing

    Share any page anywhere

  • Flash Player
    Still supports Flash

    Some content still uses flash

  • Set your browser language
    Browser language

    Set your browser language freely

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Dynamic on Smartphones and Tablets

You will get a simple proxy config for your Smartphone

iphone proxy

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