Proxy Tool
Residential IPs & Automation

Surf from residential IP numbers around the world. No more blocking of anything!

Windows 64bit
Win 8, 10 (70 MB, 64bit)
Mac Download
OS X (71 MB)
and Tablets

If you only want our blazing fast proxy network with Chrome:
We have an extension for you!

Free trial version: Digitally signed and with Installer!
We also provide a Windows 32bit legacy version.

Features and Highlights

Anonymizer and Privacy Protection
Sandboxed Browser

Start a sandboxed profile that is kept separately from everything else, including its own tracking, cookies, etc.

Build a history
Real Residential IP

Surf from the home of our partners around the world. This puts you on a real IP of a real person somewhere in a country of your choice: NO. MORE. BLOCKING.

Free source code included
With Browser Automation

Get your peace of mind: we ship the source code with our tool, so we all can be sure about the features - including the browser automation for Windows and Mac!

very affordable
All under $10

For less than $10 per month you get a fully scaled proxy network with a powerful SEO, SEM and Privacy Tool!


Andreas Kraus of sunlab
Andreas Kraus

PersonaTool is a big help for our international SEA and SEO team. Very fast setup and easy to use - this became quickly our number #1 ProxyTool!

Features you will enjoy

  • Proxy selection
    Proxy Selection

    Create profiles with specific proxies

  • User Agent Definition
    Set User Agent

    Define your user agent string

  • Browser Automation
    Browser Automation

    Record your clicks and movements

  • Social Sharing
    Social Sharing

    Share any page anywhere

  • Flash Player
    Still supports Flash

    Some content still uses flash

  • Set your browser language
    Browser language

    Set your browser language freely

What are you waiting for - download it now !

Take us for a test drive on Windows and Mac for free. Instant Personas on multiple systems!


Dynamic on Smartphones and Tablets

You will get a simple proxy config for your Smartphone

iphone proxy

For more smartphone functions of our other products,
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